Kane Maher

Hi, I'm Kane Maher, Consultant with Arima Creative.

Kane Maher is a consultant with Arima Creative.  Kane Maher has a range of experience across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Advertising, Design, Music, TV, Print Media & Social Networking over the past 20 years.  Kane Maher has a broad and enlightened vision for current and future creative media & marketing needs.  Kane Maher's role synergizes many facets of Arima Creative but Kane Maher's main focus is on market strategization, procurement of new business and online channels development.  Kane Maher has launched several successful marketing campaigns including a 12 month project for Illusions Online, that tripled monthly revenue, and a social media campaign that grew a blog's monthly website traffic by over 500%.  Kane Maher also contributes his time freely to the community, undertaking a number of marketing campaigns for non-profit organisations, all resulting in increased business for these entities.

Kane Maher's Background

Kane Maher's Experience

Consultant at Arima Creative

January 2012

Kane Maher's Education

Deakin University

1993 – 1998

BA (Management Communication) Honors

Concentration: Public Relations & Communications

Activities: Deakin Sharks Football Club, Student Association Activities Officer, Open Day Ambassador.

Kane Maher's Interests & Activities

Marketing, Advertising, Human Rights, Social Media, Family time, Music, Archery, Fishing & Camping.